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Harold and Bill cover the top outdoors stories of 2016.

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Guest Rick Henegar, Gardline Communications, explains how we can stay in touch world wide with a satellite phone. 

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Guest Cline Speer of Speer Ag discusses wildlife blends for feeders and the impressive amount of protein in cottonseed for deer.

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Guest Robert Sloan, Texas Outdoors Journal Senior Contributing Editor, covers waterfowl hunting across the state.

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Harold and Bill share gift giving ideas for the angler or hunter on your Christmas list.

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Guest Barrett Simpson of Conroe Taxidermy gives hints on how to properly care for trophies in the field.

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Guest Clayton Wolf, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Division Director, discusses wildlife conditions across the state and program challenges and successes.  

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Wrapping up our Fall Tour of Texas with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department District Leaders we check out the hunting season outlook with David Veale in Pleasanton and John Silovsky in Tyler.

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Continuing our visits with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department District Leaders we check out the conditions and hunting prospects with Calvin Richardson in Canyon and Phillip Dickerson in Midland.

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We continue our tour of Texas' range conditions and hunting opportunities from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department District Leaders with David Forrester from La Grange and Gary Calkins from Jasper.

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The show begins it's annual "waltz across Texas" visiting with all eight Texas Parks and Wildlife Department District Leaders discussing habitat conditions and the hunting outlook for the Fall Hunting Season. This week we visit Kevin Mote from Brownwood and Rufus Stephens from Kerrville.

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Guest Wayne Carlton, renown game caller/manufacturer with Native by Carlton, gives game calling tips for the deer season.

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Guest Bob Zaiglin, Texas Outdoors Journal Whitetail Editor, covers hunting techniques and the prospects for the upcoming deer season.

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Guest Billy Carter talks about the history of the famous and family run Carter's Country firearms and accessories stores and current best selling items.

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Guest co-host Kerry O'Day of M-G Arms and Harold interview Ashley Emerson about the amazing, custom, "Hammerhead" loads from Garrett Cartridges of Texas.

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Guest Leon Randermann discusses the outstanding hunting opportunities for upland birds and waterfowl at the Top Flight Hunting Preserve in Columbus, Texas.

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Guest Brian Hughes, Texas Outdoors Journal's North Texas Editor, covers freshwater fishing around the state.

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Guest Shaun Oldenburger, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Migratory Shore and Upland Gamebird Manager, explains while the upcoming dove season will be outstanding!

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Guest Doug Scott, Ford Trucks Group Marketing Manager, reveals the all new 2017 Ford F250 Super Duty.

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Guest Captain Justin Cooper of Captain Carl's Fishing Adventures covers late summer fishing and fall waterfowl hunting in the Upper Laguna Madre area.

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Bill Bigelow, owner of PortaKamp Outdoors, describes their line of container conversions for hunting and fishing camps and a new deer blind.

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Guest Steve Hall, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Hunter Education Coordinator, discusses who's required to take the hunter education course and how they can take it.

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Guest Mike Tippitt, Senior Vice President/Branch Manager of Capital Farm Credit, discusses their 100 years of helping Texans purchase and improve rural property.

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Guest Kevin Burleson, Heart of Texas Bow Hunting, describes the opportunities on large acreage managed for archery hunting only, plus an update on Lake O.H. Ivie.

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Mark Sosin, Texas Outdoors Journal's contributing Salt Water Editor and former host of the 30 year running Mark Sosin's Saltwater Journal television series, with tales and tips from fishing the world.

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Guest David Sikes, Corpus Christi Caller Times Outdoor Editor, covers fishing and hunting in the region.

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Guest Capt. Danno Wise, Texas Outdoors Journal's South Texas Editor, with an update on fishing the Lower Laguna Madre and South Texas Lakes.

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Guest Tim Spice, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Boating Education Manager, discusses safety on the water.

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Guests Steve Fjestad, author/publisher of the Blue Book of Gun Values, discussed the huge 2,500 page 37th Edition and Susan Ebert, author of the beautiful Field to Table Cookbook, with how to garden, forage, fish, hunt, and then prepare and cook it.

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Guest Robin Reichers, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Coastal Fisheries Director, discusses fishing conditions after the recent flooding from rivers feeding in to the Gulf of Mexico.

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Guest Ann Vaughan, President/CEO of the Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce, discusses the fishing capital of Texas where you can fish, golf and play "Texas Island Style."

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Guest Bill Kinney, CCA-Texas S.T.A.R. Tournament Director, previews this famous summer long event that is open to all.

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Guest Ben Carter, Executive Director of the Dallas Safari Club, discusses the wasteful burning of elephant ivory in Kenya, an update on lion conservation, and new chapter development.

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Guest Megan Robillard with the Harte Research Institute Sportfish Center discusses the impact of the reopening of Packery Channel and Cedar Bayou.

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Guest Lenny Francoeur previews the Texas Bass Classic Tournament and Texas Fest.

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Guest Michael Collins from Tideline Boats reveals their exciting new custom catamarans built in North Carolina.

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Guest John Jefferson, Texas Outdoors Journal Central Texas Editor, covers hunting and fishing in the region and current state legislative issues.

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Guest Mike Sutton, owner of Getaway Adventures Lodge, Port Mansfield, Texas, discusses opportunities for fishing, hunting and more.

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Guest Captain Nate Skinner, Texas Outdoors Journal Upper Coast Editor, covers dealing with ever changing spring conditions. 

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Guest Captain Allen Sifford, Fish-On Guide Service, covers fishing the Upper Laguan Madre, Baffin Bay and the Land Cut.

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Guest Captain Trey Prye, Captain trey's Trophy Charters & Caney Creek Outfitters, covers fishing for E. Matagorda Bay trophy trout. 

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Guest Paul van Reenan, inventor and originator of the patented UNFAIR Lures, explains how these amazing fishing lures are "designed to the gills."

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Guest Matt Williams, Texas Outdoors Journal Freshwater Editor, gives a freshwater fishing update for Texas.

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Texas Outdoor News has again been named the #1 Outdoor Radio Program in Texas by the Texas Outdoor Writers Association.

This week's guest is Captain Nathan Beabout with N&M Sportsman's Adventures, covers fishing San Antonio Bay and surrounding estuaries. 

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Guest "Dr. Deer" Dr. James Kroll, offers a preview of his annual deer management field day.

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Guest "Old Reliable" Captain Randy Foreman covers fishing on Sabine Lake.

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Guest Blake Anthony from Ron Hoover Marine in Rockport, Texas provides a preview of the upcoming Coastal Bend Boat & RV Show in Robstown.

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Guest Craig Bonds, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Inland Fisheries Division Director, covers the state of Texas lakes.

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Guest Captain Robert Sloane, Texas Outdoors Journal Senior Saltwater Editor, trolls the Gulf Coast for fishing opportunities. 

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Guest Fred Lester with Red Wing Boats, reveals his product lineup for the Houston International Boat, Sport and Travel Show.

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Guest Mike Rogers, host and Producer of Safari Club International's "Expedition Safari" television program, gives a preview of this year's annual SCI Convention in Las Vegas.

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Guest Ben Carter, Executive Director of the Dallas Safari Club, gives a preview of their upcoming Convention and Sporting Expo.

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