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Bill and Harold offer suggestions for outdoor activities this holiday season.

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Harold and Bill offer Christmas gift ideas for the angler and hunter.

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Guest Andrew Howard with Howard Communications offers up a test drive of the new Can-Am Defender MAX Lone Star edition side by side ATV.

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Guest Clayton Wolf, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Wildlife Division Director, discusses the challenges facing the department from Chronic Wasting Disease to land fragmentation.

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Guest Bob Zaiglin, Texas Outdoors Journal Magazine Whitetail Editor, covers hunting the rut and late season tactics.

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Guest Todd Eckert, Ford F-Series Marketing Manager, reveals the 2018 Ford F-150 voted the "Truck of Texas" by the Texas Auto Writers Association.

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Guest Mike Sutton from Getaway Lodge in Port Mansfield, Texas talks of the fishing and waterfowl hunting opportunities along the Lower Coast.

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Guest Alan Cain, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Whitetail Deer Program Leader, discusses deer health, population and hunting opportunities statewide.

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Harold Gunn and Bill Olson complete their annual Waltz Across Texas hunting forecast with updates from South Texas and the Hill Country.

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Guests Texas Parks and Wildlife Department District Leaders, John Silovsky from Tyler and Mike Janis from Alpine, discuss the range conditions in their respective areas of the state and the prospects for the upcoming hunting seasons.

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Guests Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments District Leaders Kevin Mote in Brownwood and Calvin Richardson in Canyon cover their area's range conditions and hunting prospects.

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Guests Texas Parks and Wildlife Department District Leaders Micah Poteet from Lufkin and David Forrester from La Grange discuss their area's range conditions and hunting opportunities.

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Guest Kevin Burleson, Heart of Texas Bowhunting, covers archery hunting opportunities and techniques.

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Guest Mike Tippit, Senior V.P. Lending and Branch Manager for Capital Farm Credit, discusses financing opportunities for land and improvements.

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Guest Billy Carter of Carter's Country discusses caring for firearms, accessories and ammunition that may have been damaged by the recent flooding in East Texas, plus covers the current popular sales items.

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Guest David Sikes, Outdoor Editor for the Corpus Christi Caller Times, re-caps the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and covers the prospects for coastal fishing.

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Due to Hurricane Harvey this is an encore presentation with Carter Smith, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Executive Director, and his annual "State of the State" report.

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Guest Shaun Oldenburger, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Cove Program Leader, covers statewide conditions and opportunities for the opening of dove season.

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Guest Captain Justin Cooper of Laguna Adventures covers fishing and hunting opportunities on the Upper Laguna Madre of Texas.

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Guest Carter Smith, Executive Director of Texas Parks and Wildlife, gives his annual "State of the State" overview of conditions and issues state wide.

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Guest Paul Van Reeden of Unfair Lures covers his outstanding lineup, plus introduces their new softbaits and jig heads for 2017.

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Guest Calvin Carter, Texas native wildlife and sporting artist discusses his subjects and craft.

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Guest Steve Hall, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Hunter Education Coordinator, outlines who is required to take the course and gives a course breakdown.

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Kerry O'Day from MG Arms Inc. and Texas Outdoors Journal Shooting Editor covers prepping your rifle and shotgun for the upcoming seasons, the popularity of the 6.5 Creedmoor and more.

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Guest Nat Skinner, Texas Outdoors Journal Upper Coast Editor, provides a coastal fisheries update and preparation hints for upcoming archery and shotgun seasons.

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Bill and Harold visit with two of five lucky fishermen who caught tagged redfish in the CCA-Texas Star Tournament each winning prizes worth over $ 100,000!

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Guest Danno Wise, Texas Outdoors Journal's South Texas Editor, provides the Lower, Middle and Upper Coast fishing update.

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Guest Rod Bremer, Founder and President of Columbia River Knife and Tool Co., discusses their history and incredible line of factory custom knives and tools.

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Guest Tommy Nolan, Texas Sportfishing Yacht Sales, discusses the Summer Boat Show, industry trends and that the outstanding Albermarle boats have come to Texas.

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Guest Brian Hughes, Texas Outdoors Journal North Texas Fishing Editor, talks about where to go and what to throw.

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Guest Derek Garcia from Breakwater marine Electronics discusses he latest electronic gear for your boat.

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Guest Dillon Sassman, CCA-Texas S.T.A.R. Assistant Tournament Director, covers the when, where and how of this fabulous summer fishing tournament open to all.

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Captain Ryan Battistoni, Battistoni's Guide Service, covers fishing conditions in West Galveston Bay and surrounding satellite bays.

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Guests Laurance and Andrew Armour discuss the outstanding year round hunting opportunities at the historic Pierce Ranch near Houston.

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Guest Tim Spice, Texas parks and Wildlife Department Boating Safety Coordinator, discusses boating safety tips and available courses.

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Guest Robin Reichers, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Coastal Fisheries Director, gives an update of coastal conditions and concerns.

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Guest Captain Tommy Countz, Tommy's Guide Service in Matagorda, Texas, covers fishing the Matagorda Bay complex during late spring and beyond.

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Harold and Bill cover spring turkey hunting and fishing tactics, new ammunition offerings and more.

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Renowned game caller/manufacturer Wayne Carlton, Native by Carlton, covers Spring turkey season calling and tactics.

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Guest Captain Robert Sloan, Texas Outdoors Journal Senior Salt Water Editor, covers dealing with Springtime windy conditions on the Texas Coast.

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Guest Ben Masters of Fin & Fur Films relives the toil, trials and tribulations of making the gripping documentary film "Unbranded" about four young cowboys riding a string of wild mustangs 3,000 miles from Mexico to Canada through the wilds of the American West. 

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Guest Craig Bonds, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Inland Fisheries Director, covers fish stocking successes, the impact on our resources from invasive species and population growth and more.

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Guest Mike Sutton, proprietor of Getaway Adventures Lodge in Port Mansfield, Texas, describes their new renovations plus fishing and hunting opportunities throughout the year.

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Guest Captain Greg Verm, fishinggalvestontx.com, covers trophies and tactics on Galveston Bay.

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Guest Captain Randy Foreman, Captain Randy's Guide Service, cover the spring and early summer forecast for Sabine Lake.

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Guests Bob Ferrante, April Sound Bait and Tackle, discusses available live bait and lure suggestions and Scott Hawthorne with McClain Trailers covers choosing the right boat trailer for another season on the road.

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Guest Nate Skinner, Texas Outdoors Journal Upper Coast Editor, covers selecting the right boat for your fishing needs and the spring fishing outlook for the Upper Coast.

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Guest Blake Anthony, Corporate Project Specialist with Ron Hoover RV & Marine, discusses their vast lineup of boats, motors and RV's.

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Guest Todd Eckerd, Group Marketing Manager for Ford F-Series, discusses their 40 years of market leadership, new products and more.

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Red Wing Boat's Fred Lester covers product, financing and more available at the big Houston Boat Show.

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Guests Chad Meyers of JM4 Tactical discusses their versatile and unique holster lineup and Eddie Rowland, CEO of Nexbelt, shows of the only belt you will ever need.

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Guest Ben Carter, Executive Director of the Dallas Safari Club, details the upcoming "greatest hunters convention on the planet."

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