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Guest Owen Fitzsimmons, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Webless Migratory Gamebird Program Leader "The Dove Guy," offers his prediction for the upcoming dove season. This week's On 'R Off the Road is the 2019 Lexus UX 200 F sport. 

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Guest Murray Choate, inventor/owner of Slow Glow Hunting Lights, covers their popular product line and introduces the new infrared model.

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Guest Tom Hewitt, Board of Directors of Operation Orphans, covers their special program that teaches kids "how to" and provides them the opportunities to hunt and fish. 

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Guest Clifford Cheatle, Third Coast Thermal, tells us how we can rule the night when hunting.

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Bill and Harold interview the first two lucky winners of the great prize packages for catching the gold tagged redfish in the giant CCA TEXAS STAR TOURNAMENT. 

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Guest outdoor writer David Sikes covers mid-coast fishing and gives a legislative update.

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Guest Robin Riechers, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Coastal Fisheries Director, presents his annual coastal update for both in and off shore.

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Guest Tim Spice, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Boater Education Coordinator, gives a boating safety and education update.

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Fred Lester from Red Wing Boats previews the Houston Summer Boat Show, plus what's new in boats, motors and accessories.

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Guest Steve Fjestad, Author/Publisher of the 40th Anniversary Edition Blue Book of Gun Values, explains it all.

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Guest Gary Graham, Broker/Owner of The Rental Management Company, covers the Texas Mid-Coast Recovery after hurricane Harvey.

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Guest Bill Kinney, CCA Texas S.T.A.R. Tournament Director, covers this year's tournament open to all who fish on the Texas Gulf Coast.

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Guest Linda Powell discusses the 100 year history of Mossberg and their new products for 2019.

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Guest Tom Claycomb III, Texas Outdoors Journal Hunting Editor, covers small bore shooting, small game hunting and pre-hunt preparation.

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Guest Myles Carter covers world class fishing on the isolated waters of Nonacho Lake in the Northwest Territories. 

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Guest Kerry O'Day of MG Arms, Inc. discusses off-season firearm maintenance and tune ups, practice tips, ammo choices and more.

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Harold Gunn and guest host Wayne Cronin talk with Justin Sitz, creator of Versacarry Holsters, about their new Compound line and more and Jeff Barry, Director of Sales and Marketing for Kent Cartridge Co., has what's new for turkey season,plus other new shells.

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Guest Brian Hughes, Texas Outdoors Journal North Texas Editor, covers fishing the lakes,streams and rivers on North Texas.

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This week Harold and Bill discuss between seasons maintenance, repair and accessorizing fishing and hunting gear, trip planning plus; practice, practice, practice. 

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Guests Jeff and Mary Poe of Big Lake Guide Service cover fishing Lake Calcasieu in Southwest Louisiana.

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Guest Capt. Tommy Countz gives the spring fishing forecast for Matagorda Bay.

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Mark Nichols, D.O.A. Lures, covers old and new products plus how to match the hatch.

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Guest Craig Bonds, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Inland Fisheries Director, gives an update on the status of inland lakes and rivers in Texas.

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Guest Matt Williams, Texas Outdoors Journal Freshwater Editor, covers conditions and catches on some of Texas' lakes and rivers.

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Guest Robert Sloane, Texas Outdoors Journal Senior Salt Water Editor, covers current conditions on the Gulf.

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Guests Terry Peterson, Inventor/Owner of Hybridlight, covers their innovative solar lighting products and Justin Speer with Speer Ag explains the many benefits whitetail deer receive from cottonseed.

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Guest Clay Abernathy of Bar JP Safaris, offers the Africa hunting experience in Texas.

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Guest Brian Bell, Ford F-150 Marketing Manager, reveals the all new 2019 Ford Ranger Mid-Size truck.

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Guest Corey Mason, Executive Director of the Dallas Safari Club, previews their upcoming convention, "MOGAMBO."

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Guest Fred Lester with Red Wing Boat Co. covers the latest from Blackjack, Frontier and others and previews the Houston Boat Show.

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Harold and Bill give their annual year end recap.

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Harold and Bill provide a list of Christmas stocking stuffers for the outdoors person on your list.

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Guest Steve Fjestad, author and publisher, scans over the 39th Edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values and the new Blue Book of AR-15s.

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Guests Gabe Lozano covers the opportunities for hunters in the "Racks-N-Tusks Deer and Hog Contest" and Ruben Garza, Getaway Lodge in Port Mansfield, has an update for waterfowl and fishing adventures. 

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Harold and Bill offer up large gift ideas for your Christmas shopping list.

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Guest Justin Spring, Boone and Crockett Club Director of Big Game Records, explains their rules on "Fair Chase" in regards to modern technology.

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Guest Kevin Howard, President of Howard Communications, an outdoor industry public relations firm covers the latest products from several companies.

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Guest Bob Zaiglin, Texas Outdoors Journal Whitetail Editor, offers seasonal hunting tips for changing conditions. 

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Wrapping up our annual coverage of the fall hunting season range and wildlife conditions we visit with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department South Texas Plains Technical Guidance Biologist Daniel Kunz and from Canyon the Panhandle District Leader, Calvin Richardson.

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Continuing coverage of hunting season habitat and wildlife conditions across the state from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department District Leaders. This week's guests are Rusty Wood, East Texas District Leader from Jasper, and Mike Miller, Central Texas District Leader from Kerrville. 

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Continuing our annual "Waltz Across Texas" with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department District Leaders and their Hunting Forecast Updates this week's guests are Northeast Texas District Leader from Tyler, John Silovsky, and South Central District Leader from LaGrange, David Forrester.

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We begin out annual Waltz Across Texas with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department District Leaders. Kevin Mote, North Texas District leader from Brownwood and Mike Jannis, Trans Pecos/West Texas Leader from Alpine, provide their hunting forecast updates.

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Guest Heidi Rao, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Hunter Education and "Becoming an Outdoor Woman" Coordinator, covers both of these programs in depth.  

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Guest Bret Riff, Senior Vice President Lending/Branch Manager of Hondo Capital Farm Credit, explains why they are the one stop shop for ag/ranch and hunting property purchase, stocking and improvement loans.

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Guest Carter Smith, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Executive Director, delivers his annual State of the Outdoors message.

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Guests Ryan Gardner, head of 24 Outfitters, talks about dove hunting and other opportunities in Texas' North Zone. Bobby Thornton, Founder of Texas Dove Hunters Association, introduces the Association and their BB Challenge.

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Guest Owen Fitzsimmons, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Webless Migratory Bird Program Director, gives the dove season forecast and covers regulation changes.

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Guest Diane Probst, President of the Rockport-Fulton, Texas Chamber of Commerce, discusses their recovery after Hurricane Harvey.

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Guest Dr. Debra Chernosky, Chernosky Dermatological Associates, covers prevention, detection and treatment of skin cancers.

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Guest Kevin Burleson, Heart of Texas Bowhunting, covers the Fall Bow Hunting Season.

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Murray Choate, Slow-Glow Hunting Products, introduces their LED lighting solution that will change the way you hunt at night.

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Guest Steve Hall, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Hunter Education Coordinator, covers requirements and courses.

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Guests include Michael Waddel, host of Bone Collector, previewing the Sportsman Channel Outdoor Fest; Jason Buckles Sales Account Manager for Bolt Locks, describing their "one key fits all" system and Chris Kemp, Regional Sales Manager for Tuffy Security Products, covers their many ways to protect our stuff.

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Guest Chris Lalik, Business Development Manager for XS Sights, covers their popular line of sights for rifle, pistol and shotgun. "The fastest sights in any light."

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Guest Nate Skinner, Texas Outdoors Journal Upper Coast Editor, covers how the influx of fresh water from the recent rains effects fishing in the Gulf.

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Guest Danno Wise, Texas Outdoors Journal South Texas Editor, gives a Middle and Lower Coast fishing update.

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Guest Fred Lester, Red Wing Boats, previews the Houston Summer Boat Show and covers all things boating.

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Guest Clayton Wolf, Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments Wildlife Division Director, discusses the 2018-19 hunting regulation changes and ongoing wildlife projects.

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Guest Vince Denais, founder of The Fishing Boat Club, presents hassle free boating.

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Guest Bill Kinney, CCA Texas S.T.A.R. Tournament Director, outlines this year's tournament offering the chance at a million dollars in prizes and scholarships for folks who enter.

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Guest Tim Spice, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Boating Safety Coordinator, has boating safety do's and don'ts.

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Guest Robert Sloan, Texas Outdoors Journal Senior Saltwater Editor, covers spring and summer fishing out of Port O'Conner.

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Harold and Bill have suggestions for spring road trips around the state of Texas, where to find places of interest and what to pack.

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Guest Captain TommyCountz, matagordafishing.com, gives a spring/summer fishing update out of Matagorda, Texas.

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Guest Matt Williams, Texas Outdoors Journal's Freshwater Fishing Editor, covers the Bass Master Classic and gives a freshwater fishing update for across the state.

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Wayne Carlton, the genius behind Native by Carlton game calls, covers Spring turkey calling and hunting tactics. 

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Guest Nate Skinner, Texas Outdoors Journal Upper Coast Editor, covers dealing with springtime fishing conditions on the upper coast.

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Guest John Domolky, Director of Sales for Aguila Ammunition, covers their vast inventory for rifle, pistol and shotgun.

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Guest Mike Sutton, owner/guide at Getaway Lodge in Port Mansfield, Texas, covers trophy trout and spring/summer fishing opportunities.

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Guest Mark Nichols, founder/owner of D.O.A. Lures, reveals the latest innovations in salt and freshwater lures.

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